The best is yet to be.

2014-05-19 | からnakmas | ファイル: 未分類.
My girls,
Grow old along with me.
The best is yet to be.

If some decades later 
you look back on your time with us here
and you feel that these were the happiest days of your life,
then I must say your education will have been a failure.

Life must improve as it takes its course.
Your youth you spend in preparation
because the best things are never in the past,
but in the future.
I hope that you pursue life, and hold onto your hope and your dream until the very end of the journey.

私の愛する生徒たちよ 我とともに老いよ 最上のものは なお後に来る。

今から何十年後かに あなたがたが この学校生活を思い出して、あの時代が一番幸せだった、楽しかったと 心の底から感じるのなら 私はこの学校の教育が失敗だったと言わなければなりません。