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2013-05-18 | からnakmas | ファイル: 未分類.
Just as I know, in Japan there are 2 TV programs those run only in English.

One is “えいごであそぼ”, which means ‘Let’s play in English’.
This program’s some (original?) musics are pretty good.

えいごであそぼ Let’s Sing! 2006~2007 [DVD]

えいごであそぼ Sing Along!2007~2008 [DVD]
other DVD’s of えいごであそぼ

Another one is  “プレキソ英語” , which means “the preparation for  the fundamental English
There is a other program “基礎英語”, which means “the fundamental English”,
and in the whole of its program English is explained by Japanese.
So I think “the preparation ” one is rather better for learning English, and my kids like the former one.