one example of REDEMPTION

2013-05-15 | からnakmas | ファイル: 未分類.

In colonial times, labor was in great demand in America. During the 18th and early 19th centuries, potential immigrant laborers were recruited in Great Britain, Germany, and other European countries, but many who were willing to go could not afford the cost of travel. It was not uncommon for these to travel under an indenture or contract, promising to work after their arrival for a certain period of time without wages as payment for their passage. Others came with the promise that family members already in America would pay their fare upon arrival, but if that didn’t happen, the newcomers were obliged to pay their own costs through indentured service. The term used to describe these indentured immigrants was “redemptioners.” They had to redeem the cost of their passage—in a sense, purchase their freedom—by their labor.1

(2013.4 General Conference “Redemption” By Elder D. Todd Christofferson )

” redemption”, 日本語では「贖い」は日常的な言葉ではなく、決してわかりやすい言葉ではないだろう。